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Colonel Bryson Ross

Name Bryson Michael Ross

Position Chief Expeditionary Commander

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Tau'ri
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight 150 Pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Standing at 5 feet and 7 inches, Bryson is not the tallest man or strongest man serving in the military. But he is no slouch. He is in great shape for the age of 38. He has a couple of military tattoos but luckily no visible scars.


Spouse Esperanza Miranda Ross-Rodriguez (Deceased)
Children Miranda Lorraine Ross, 18
Father Truman Marcus Ross
Mother Heather Swan Martin-Ross
Brother(s) Aidan Marcus Ross, 35
Sister(s) Sarah Lorraine Ross, 32
Other Family Non listed at this time

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bryson is a masculine middle aged man, who is from the united states. He was born in Bountiful, Utah. His primary language is english. He is right hand hand, and his blood type is O+.
Strengths & Weaknesses Bryson has a driven to success model for his life. He really believes that playing hard and working hard, which allows him to achieve any goal he sets for himself. Bryson is very focused on his career driven.

Always looking for the next promotion. He believe he can services are endless, and he needs to be utilized more. He has the ability to multi-task and strategize battle plans. now at the rank of Colonel, he feels that he is close to his goal, but not going to take anything for granted.

Bryson is very confident in his abilities, almost to the point of being arrogant. His cocky attitude also feeds his ego and his player like mentality.

His own attitude can get in the way of him taking criticism. He believes there are really no equals in his line of work. He did not achieve his goals based on the help of other airmen.

Bryson feels he is the best infantry man and marksman. He often feels that he is not challenging himself enough, so in his spare time, he started his career in research development, and now has moved to operational command and commands the USAF Tempest.

His primary passion is still being a leader to the men and women who serve under him. The airmen have allowed Bryson to hone his skills, and increase his ego, but only because he is good at hiding it, with his charm.

Ambitions To become a United States Air Force General.
Hobbies & Interests Bryson loves to socialize after hours with the crew in the lounge, he has a party lifestyle mentality that suits him well with the ship crew. He uses his charm to keep people blinded to the fact, he has a complexity issues.

When is at the lounge he loves to dance with the ladies, and hit up on girls at the bar. Beyond socializing in the lounge, he enjoys spending time in the simulation room, and keeping his skills fined tune. He has the drive to be the best.

Bryson is interested in camping, rock climbing, exploring, white water rafting, snorkeling and backpacking.

Personal History Bryson was born on 01/09/1974 from Clairmont New York. His father moved the family to Bountiful, Utah in 1986 at the age of 12. Bryson He comes from a strong baptist family, that moved to the area to reform Mormon followers.

His Father is a priest and his mother works at the Congregational hall. Bryson did not follow in his parents foot steps. He wanted to join the military and serve his country.

As a boy he wanted to get away from his parents, but was forced to attend church at his fathers baptist church. He attended grade school from 1980 - 1986 in Clairmont Elementary School in Clairmont, New York.

In 1986 his family moved to Utah and took up residency in Bountiful, Utah. He attended Junior High School from 1986 - 1989. After that he attended high school.

On June 05, 1992 he graduated from high school and enlisted in the United Stated Air Force, as a Cadet. He completed the Academy in 1996, and served the past twenty years faithfully. He was debating retirement, when he was offered command of the USAF Tempest.

1996 he attended the Air Force Academy and met his future wife Esperanza Miranda Rodriguez, who happened to be working as a barista for the academy. They started dating and by 1993 they were pregnaunt with their daughter Miranda.

December 05, 1993 Bryson and Esperanza got married, and lived happily together until June 15, 1995, when Esperanza was killed by a drunk driver off base. Bryson took the news hard, and debated about leaving the Air Force, to raise his daughter closer to his parents place.

He continued to raise their daughter and attend the academy. He graduated in the middle of his class in 1996, his daughter was only two years old.

Bryson went to Robbins Air Force Base in Georgia. And started his career, by 1996 Miranda started pre school on the base. It was a transition both for Miranda and Bryson, but the struggled through it and by 1997 he received his first promotion to the rank of first lieutenant.

He worked the Research and Development unit at the base. By 1998 he was transferred to Luke Airforce Base, to oversee the research development of experimental fighter plans. By 2000 he was promoted to the rank of captain.

Miranda started graded school as kindergartner, and Bryson was transfered to San Antonio Texas. He was assigned to Joint Base San Antonio, in the research and development unit where help assist in the development of th RG/BBT SG Rail Guns, seen on the Tauri Fleet Vessels. He had no idea what the rail guns were for, but he assisted in its development. In 2002 he was promoted to the rank of Major.

Bryson was selected by Stargate Command to be apart of the Stargate Program, and his technical skills as a Research and Development Scientist. His schooling for Starship and Weapons operations was conducted at Area 51 in Nevada.

Bryson remained with area 51 for three years and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel after completion of his assignment in 2009. After being promoted he was assigned to a few Tauri Vessels, as Weapons Officer for the USAF Apollo and USAF Daedalus, he later became first officer for the USAF Odyssey.

In 2012, about a month shy of his daughter graduating high school he was selected as Commanding Officer of the USAF Tempest. He advised Stargate Command he would not take the assignment, cause his daughter was graduating. And he was not going to miss that day. Stargate Command agreed to hold the Tempest command for him, and convinced the People's Republic of China to delay the launch of the Shanghai.

Service Record Service Record 2006 - 2015
- Stargate Command, Various Assignments, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, CO.
- [2015 - Present] Transferred command to Ancient Seed Ship "Discovery"
- 2012 Promoted to Colonel, given command of USAF Tempest, Tempest Class Frigate
- [2010 - 2012] USAF Odyssey, First Officer
- [2009 - 2010] USAF Apollo , Weapons Officer
- [2008 - 2009] USAF Daedalus, Weapons Officer
- 2009 Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
- [2006 - 2009] Area 51 Military Complex, Research and Development Scientist

2002 - 2004
- Stargate Command Academy, Starships Weapons Operations Unit

2000 - 2002
- Joint Base San Antonio | San Antonio, Texas
Research and Development Trainer/Lead Scientist, help assist in the development of th RG/BBT SG Rail Guns, seen on the Tauri Fleet Vessels.
- 2002 Promoted to Major

1998 - 2000
- Luke Airforce Base, AZ.
- 2000 Promoted to Captain

1996 - 1998
- Robbins Air Force Base, GA
- 1997 Promoted to First Lieutenant

1992 - 1996
- United States Air Force Academy