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1st Lieutenant Qaza Divi Vulnir

Name Qaza Divi Vulnir

Position Chief Archaeologist

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Tok'ra & Satedan
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 3 in
Weight 115 Ibs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue & Glowing Yellow
Physical Description Qaza has fair skin complexion. Qaza has a dimpled smile, with noticeable long braided hairstyle and a kewpie-doll eye look to her. Her measurements are 32-25-32. Dress and shoe size of 6. Both are speculated.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Qaza's Personality Profile: Despite all that has happened to her, Qaza has a loving personality. She recently found a new love and interest in archeology. She can tolerate anthropology. Qaza seeked out and joined the Tok'Ra of her own free will. She loved their ideology, and she was dying her Symbiont Host cured her injures. The two of them bonded.

Divi's Personality Profile: Divi is new and still learning what it is to be a Tok'Ra and blended. Divi is happy sentient being. In a lot of ways, just a child. Needing a strong host to help the symbiont mature into a well respect member of Tok'Ra society.

Hobbies & Interests Qaza's Hobbies: Gardening, Writing, Reading, Dog Walking, Art, Running, Swimming, Jewel Making, Knitting, traveling and Exploration.

Divi's Hobbies: traveling and Exploration.

Personal History Host Name: Qaza Vulnir

Symbiont Name: Divi

Qaza's Gender: Female

Divi's Gender: Neutral

Qaza's Date of Birth: 04/18/1990

Divi's Date of Birth: 07/03/2007

Qaza's Birthplace: Sateda (Pegasus Galaxy)

Divi's Birthplace: Egeria, Capital City of the Tok'Ra Homeworld

Qaza's Age: 27

Divi's Age: 8

Qaza's General Education: Doctorate in Anthropology and Archeology. (Thanks to Dizi)

Dizi's General Education: Dizi was given genetic pass down traits from the Queen. The queen has the possibility of choosing certain skills and assets to share with her offspring prior to their birth. Divi was taught Anthropology and Archeology. The Queen is trying to rebuild the Tok'Ra society, and each Tok'Ra should play a part. Divi was created to serve the science field and to act as liaison between the Tauri and the Tok'Ra.

Preferred Weapon/Weapons: P90 and the 9mm Beretta.

Qaza's Personal History: Qaza believed she was the last survivor of the last wraith culling on Sateda, she heard most survivors were hunted for game or killed. In 2007 after being rescued by Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard and Ronan Dex of the Atlantis Expedition, Qaza realized there was more Setedans that survived.

She temporary joined the New Atlanteans as she called them on the acient city. She offered her services as a combat specialist. But she was not a very strong warrior, not like Ronan Dex or John Sheppard. She was assigned to security position with the expedition, when she was gravely injured during the attack from the Wraith.

Qaza was badly injured and Doctor Kellar could do nothing for her. Qaza did not want to die. She felt that she needed to prove herself. She was one of the last of the Satendans alive. She begged Ronan Dex and Mister Woolsey if there was anything they could do to help her, any other races. Mister Woolsey told her of the Tok'Ra.

Qaza badly injured travelled back on the USAF Daedalus, to the Tok'Ra Homeworld. The Tok'Ra interviewed Qaza and found her a host Symbiont. The Symbiont and the host both interviewed her and decided they liked her. The Symbiont name is Dizi a scientist and Archelogiest and Anthropologist.

After the merging of Qaza and Dizi the host and Symbiont began to function as one. Dizi liked her ambitions, and her willingness to help. The Symbiont shared the knowledge it had about archelogy and anthropology. Also agreed to her decision to join the Tok'Ra Officer Exchange Program. Divi was a low ranking Tok'Ra Officer. The Symbiont deep down wanted to study other worlds, and the Tauri loved to explore.

In 2008 Qaza attended the Airforce Academy, and graduated in 2012, because of her knowledge as a Tok'Ra, the Tauri decided to make her a lead scientist. Qaza was happy to help, and learned to like the study of archeleogy and anthropology.

In 2012, Qaza joined the Omaha expedition. She wanted to learn more about the ancient communication station, that Stargate Command had located. She joined Doctor Jaqueline Sas Expedition and was assigned to the outpost.

Divi's Personal History: Divi is a new Tok'Ra that was created in 2007 from the cloned queen known as Egeria. She spent that past five years with the queen and other tok'ra learning about archeology, anthropology and how to interact with the Tauri and other species in the galaxy.

Dizi is part of the new Tok'ra initiative program, to help the Tok'Ra repopulate their species. They were a dying race, and thanks to the Asgard, they have an opportunity to rebuild their society.

Service Record 2015 - Assigned to Ancient Seed Ship "Discovery" as a Scientist in Anthropology and Archaeology.
2012 - Assigned to Omaha Base, Lead Scientist in Anthropology and Archaeology.
2012 - Promoted to First Lieutenant
2010 - Promoted to Second Lieutenant
2008 - Joins Airforce Academy as Tok'Ra Officer Exchange Program.
2007 - Rescued by the USS Daedalus, works as a liaison between Tok'Ra and Tauri.