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Lieutenant Colonel Cassidy Jacobsen

Name Cassidy Lee Jacobsen

Position Deputy Chief Expeditionary Commander

Rank Lieutenant Colonel

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Tau'ri
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 125
Hair Color blond
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Cassidy is tall and solid. She is not skinny but has no excess weight on her. She has long blond hair but is never seen in a work setting where it is down, preferring to keep her hair up.

She has one tattoo she got one night when on leave with the first team she served on. it is located on her right shoulder.


Children Quinton Jacobsen-22 years old
Father Charles
Mother Veronica
Brother(s) Ronald, Darrel
Sister(s) none
Other Family Aunt Beatrice

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cassidy is in her mid-thirties. She was born in Anchorage, Alaska. She is ambidextrous which is common in her family. Her blood type is B-. She carries herself in a confident manner.
Strengths & Weaknesses Cassidy is confident in her ability to do her job both because of her experience and knowing she is a quick thinker and can come up with a solid plan. She can't remember anything else she ever wanted to do.

Cassidy is serious minded and demanding on the job. She expects the job to be done with no questions asked and to be a success. She does not have room for failure and tends to be self blaming.

She is excellent at following orders and will also give her opinion, sometimes even if it isn't asked for. Cassidy feels that is her right by putting her people's lives on the line. She is ambidextrous and is able to shoot a weapon with both hands with unfailing accuracy.

Through all her confidence and tough manner, there is vulnerability inside her for those who are being mistreated. She hates to see anyone bullied or used for others means to succeed. Cassdy can at times be very outspoken.

Ambitions To someday be at the top but she is no where near ready to be out of the field. She loves what she does.
Hobbies & Interests Cassidy loves to ice skate, skiing, board games or a nice game of poker. She feels it it a good training exercise to teach her people to not show their emotions or be easily read by their facial expressions.

Spending most of her time in her uniform with her hair up, Cassidy loves a good party where she can dress up and let her hair down. She loves to dance, as long as it is with a good partner who doesn't have two left feet. Cassidy is a social butterfly.

Spending time in the gym, keeping fit. Cassidy also keeps up on the latest military updates and reads anything she can get her hands on. She has a lot of friends in the field and keeps in touch with many.

Personal History Cassidy was born in Anchorage, Alaska on September 1, 1975. She spent her childhood there, being raised mostly by her mother as her father was always off on business trips. She enjoyed growing up, mostly with her brothers for friends. While other girls were playing with dolls and had dreams of beauty pageants and such, she played with army dolls and like her brothers grew up wanting to join the military and defend others.

Cassidy loved the winters in Alaska. She would often set traps with her brothers or go hunting with them to bring home for dinner. Her mother would always shake her head because she had hoped for a daughter she could teach to cook, sew and clean, all things that Cassidy found to be boring.

She excelled at school, being such a natural that Cassidy was asked by her teachers to tutor other student who were having a hard time. The first time she laid eyes on the handsome football player, Cassidy was in love. As time went by, they became involved with each other. At the end of the school year, they had a terrible breakup. Cassidy found out he had been using her and had been seeing someone else. She was grateful she wouldn't have to ever see him again as he had graduated and left for college.

It wasn't long before Cassidy found out she was pregnant. Ben, the sperm donor, as Cassidy referred to him, had no interest in being a father and signed off all rights to the child. Her parents tried to convince her to abort her baby or give the baby up for adoption but Cassidy stayed firm. She worked part time when not in school to buy the things that Quinton needed.

Deciding to keep the baby had made things difficult at home. Cassidy knew her parents loved her but always in the back of their minds was her giving him away. Though she understood their concern, Cassidy wasn't willing to part with him. She loved him too much.

It was while her Aunt Beatrice was visiting that Cassidy and her father, who was still rarely home, had a huge argument over Quinton. When her father stormed out, Cassidy confided in her aunt all her hopes, dreams and concerns. It was then that a plan was formed. She packed her things and moved in with her Aunt.

After graduation, Aunt Beatrice kept Quinton for Cassidy while she went to basic training, as she had signed up in the military, the marines. Cassidy struggled a bit at first but she was tenacious and graduated along with the others. Cassidy went to her aunts and collected her son and his belongings, wanting to have him close to her. She spent the next two years in Hawaii, until she was transferred overseas to France and then on to a marine base in California where she became second to the military commander.

Finally, Cassidy was approached about becoming a part of the Stargate program. Having decided to make being military her career she took the time to think it through and decided she wanted to be a part of it and accepted their offer. Her only concern had been for Quinton. It was as if it was a sign that her son had inherited her intelligence and graduated from high school at the age of sixteen. He had immediately headed off to become an engineer. She kept close contact with him but was proud that he had become the independent person he was.

Cassidy went off for training to serve on a starship and to familiarize herself with their weapons and rules and operations. Once she completed her training she was assigned to USAF Brogan.

Service Record Currently serving on Ancient Seed Ship "Discovery"
USAF Olympius
USAF Sagitarius
USAF Mercury


California Marine Base

Spanish Marine Base

French Marine Base

Honolulu Marine Base

United States Marine Academy