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Exciting news

Posted on Tue Dec 10th, 2019 @ 12:12am by IOA Representative Miranda Ross PhD & Lieutenant Colonel Cassidy Jacobsen

Mission: S4, E1: Discover your destiny
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: 07/02/2015 1200 hrs

Cassidy had promised Miranda she would meet her for lunch. She had just gotten the news that Quinton had been assigned to them. Cassidy wanted to share the news with some. She looked around the lunchroom and saw Miranda waiting for her. She walked over.

"Sorry I am late," Cassidy said. "I received some news and I had to take it before I could come." Her eyes were lit up and she knew Miranda could tell something was up.

"It's okay, just trying to get use to the news, that the IOA is appointing me the new IOA Rep, and that Mister Keagan is returning, since we did not find the Destiny, but they want me to represent the IOA." Miri said in disbelief, then she looked to Cassidy. "Sorry, about that, you were saying." Miri said, feeling bad for rambling on.

“How do you feel about it,” Cassidy asked her. “You sound like you aren’t sure whether to be happy to be staying.” She smiled then. “I am. Happy you aren’t leaving, we just became friends.”

"Well I wanted to stay, just surprised, I am young. To be given such a big role. There are other IOA reps with more experience than me." Miri started to tell her, looking for words of encouragement.

“I believe in honesty,” Cassidy said. “I am relieved we are keeping you. You have a gift for this, we need someone like you.” She grinned then. “It helps you aren’t scared of your father.”

"I am not scared, just not sure If I am in his league. Now being Chief IOA Representative, puts me on parr with my father. To be honest, it frightens me." Miri told Cassidy, her deepest concern. She hoped she was ready.

“Miri, you can do this,” Cassidy said seriously. “You have the skills and you are strong. I have confidence in you just believe in yourself.”

"Thanks I mean it, just not sure if three years on deep space, under my fathers command is really proof of that." Miri suggested. "I will give it my best effort though." Miri suggested to her, with a big nervous grin on her face.

“You aren’t alone,” Cassidy reminded her. “That will help when you least expect it to.”

"I appreciate your trust, and I will do my best." Miri said, finding a little comfort in her words.

“Just remember,” Cassidy said with a smile. “Even if you and your father are not on the same page he respects your standing your ground. It is gratifying to know you raised your child to be independent.”

"Well thank you, but I don't feel independent. My last two IOA assignments have been under my fathers command, now I have a leadership role. I will adapt, but it will take time." Miri suggested to Cassidy, hoping she was up for the challenge.

"Someone didn't see it that way," Cassidy pointed out. "They saw you succeeding and that your abilities were such that allowed you to step up and take this role. They didn't give you the position because of your father, you earned it."

"I appreciate the kind words, but I think the only way I would truly feel that way, is if I was not serving with my father. However with that said, the IOA wants me here and offered me this role. So here I am." Miri suggested to Cassidy.

“I get it,” Cassidy replied. “I’m so happy you are and excited to have you staying.” Cassidy smiled. “So what’s your first order of business?”

"Same as before, locate the Destiny. Our mission has not changed, just the location. And to establish a proper scientific crew on the Discovery." Miri pointed out Cassidy. That directive was passed down to her by the IOA.

Cassidy smiled at her. “See, you know your stuff, this is a great opportunity for you to show them what your made of.”

"I hope so..." Miri said, as the scene starts to fade away.


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