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New Labs

Posted on Tue Dec 24th, 2019 @ 8:07pm by 1st Lieutenant Qaza Divi Vulnir & Lieutenant Colonel Cassidy Jacobsen

Mission: S4, E1: Discover your destiny
Location: Various
Timeline: 07/02/2015 1100 hrs

Location: Interface room

"I know you are busy, with Doctor Mc Kay, but can I borrow you for a moment." Qaza asked Cassidy, as she watched McKay maching and making a general nuisance of himself. Divi thought he was a jerk, and questioned why the IOA tolerated him. Qaza told her, its because he is brilliant. But he was not fun to be around.

“Yes,” Cassidy said quickly, perhaps a little too excited. “What can I help you with?” Anything for a break from McKay. He was annoying.

"Divi and I want to start using the new science labs, but Doctor McKay has not released them yet." Qaza started to point out.

Doctor McKay made a snide comment, about having to check the power consumption logs, and make there are no cascade virus programs lying in booby trap mode, to prevent illegal tampering.

Qaza rolled her eyes, as she looked back to Cassidy. "The lab has been cleared already, is this all ego." Qaza said, feeling very annoyed at Doctor McKay. She hoped that Cassidy would override him.

“It has already been done, Doctor McKay,” Cassidy spoke up. “There is no need for a second check, continue on.”

McKay started to go off about the uncertainty, and how Cassidy was being foolish, for not allowing him to complete his task. And not to blame him, if anything happens. Qaza waited for another confirmation from Cassidy.

“Your complaint is noted,” Cassidy replied firmly. “There is no need for another verification. Stick to the job at hand.”

McKay grumbled about things were going to get messed up because she was interferring. She ignored him and smiled to herself as he went back to work. Mission accomplished. Turning to Qaza she spoke. “What did you need my help with?”

"Just need approval to move into my new lab, Colonel." Qaza said. Deep in her mind, Divi was agreeing with her. They just wanted to get to work.

Cassidy smiled at Qaza. “That’s not a problem. I need to sign something or you need a verbal?” She had one eye on McKay while they spoke.

"Verbal works for me." Qaza said with a big grin on her face. As she stared down McKay.

“Move in,” Cassidy replied. “If you have any problems you will find me right here. I plan to be McKays shadow until he figures this out. I would have thought someone as intelligent as he is would have by now but apparently they have him puzzled.”

"Appreciate Colonel." Qaza said with a big grin, as she started to walk away. The scene ends.


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