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Standard Routine

Posted on Fri Feb 7th, 2020 @ 12:50am by Colonel Bryson Ross & 1st Lieutenant Qaza Divi Vulnir & IOA Representative Miranda Ross PhD & Captain Isabel Robinson & Lieutenant Colonel Cassidy Jacobsen & 2nd Lieutenant Quinton Jacobsen

Mission: S5, E2
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: 07/15/2015 0700 hrs

Miri and her father were the first two to arrive in the mess hall. Her father, had this thing about being early. He glanced over to Miri as they walked in. "How are you settling in?" Bryson asked. He knew at first, it was a challenge, accepting her new role.

"Finally getting use to it." Miri said, as he followed her father in. She was getting use to being early, when she had a meal with the old man. He was always about being punctual.

"Glad to hear it." Bryson said, with a big grin on his face.

"The crew is more understanding and patient with me, than I am." Miri pointed out to her father.

"Senior leadership is a challenging role to accept and adapt too, but you are doing great." Bryson said, trying to encourage his daughter.

"Are you just saying that, cause you are my father?" Miri asked in a joking manner.

Bryson just glared at her.

"That was a joke. I know you meant what you said." Miri said, with a big grin on her face.

"You are doing great." Bryson suggested to her again.

Miri just smiled as she looked at her old man. "Thanks, seriously that means alot."

Qaza walked in, looking instantly for a place to sit down and eat. As she glanced around, she naturally walked over to the mess hall line, and waited to be served. She hoping to have breakfast with Isabel or Quinton.

“Hey,” Quinton said from just behind Qaza. “Mind if I join you for your meal?” He was hoping she said yes, he wanted to get to know them some more.

"Please, I would love the company." Qaza said, with a big grin on her face. Divi had no complaints.

"How have you been?" Quinton asked as he sat down. He looked over and smiled. "I have been really busy with work, there is a lot to learn."

"For us all, my brain is on overload, so is Divi's." Qaza pointed out to Quinton, with a grin on her face.

Quinton smiled back. “It sounds like we are all in this together then. Because right now I don’t want to think, I just want to relax.”

"Sadly, we do not have time to relax for long, the Destiny is still out there and missing." Qaza said, as she planned to take a couple of hours to relax, and clear her mind.

“That is our priority,” Quinton nodded in agreement. “We will find it I have confidence.”

"Space is pretty massive, and these seed ships purposely jump a head of the Destiny. Given the fact, we have no idea what path Destiny took. It will take us, a while to pin down its navigational flight path." Qaza said, hoping to find the ship soon. She was curious, to learn what happened to the Destiny and to her crew. "I am hopeful we can do it, but it will take time to figure out their flight path. Then there is the issue, of how to get over to the Destiny. But one step at a time right." Qaza said, with a worried grin on her face.

“Slow has steady wins the race,” Quinton replied. “We need to find it quickly but accurately so better to make certain it’s done right which I know is your concern as well.”

"They have been missing for 4 years now, going on five. The ship is on auto pilot, It's not clear, where they are. They could be anywhere. They may not be following the seed ship path laid out for them." Qaza pointed out, with a concerned look on her face. She hoped they were all right.

“I am here for you,” Quinton felt like it wasn’t enough. “And to be your sounding board as well. I am not much use in your working being a medic but I will help where I can.”

"You kidding, your services will be needed, as soon as we send teams through the gate." Qaza said, knowing that the Tau'ri had a way of attracting the wrong type of attention. She hoped to be wrong, but given their track record, she had no doubt in her mind.

“I meant more about this moment,” Quinton replied, seeing how dumb his reply had been. “I expect I will be quite busy.”

"The teams have only explored a fraction of the Discovery." Qaza pointed out. She was not sure if he knew the name of the ship or not. She just smiled to see if he did, or if she needed to explain how she knew that.

Quinton looked at her.”I did not know the name of the ship. It is nice to know what it is.” He smiled then. “How do you know?”

"Isabel told me, she has been reviewing the data from the Discovery. She tells me, there is a lot of data to be processed. I am suppose to be helping her later on today, with some of the translations." Qaza said, then went on to clarify. "Let me rephraise that, Divi is. She is starting to get a feel for linguistics. I personally can not stand it." Qaza said. Divi remained silent, but inside was smirking.

“So what do you do when Divi is doing her thing?” Quinton asked. He had a lot to learn about the two of them and as they knew concerns. They were close which was understandable he just had to figure out how he could fit into this and not feel second.

"Observe, mainly. Divi does the same for me, when I do archeology. We both have our own interests. I understand linguistics, just not appealing to me. On a personal level." Qaza said, hoping that clarified her response to him.

“I see,” Quinton murmured. “It seems really complex. I mean I suppose with time I will gain an understanding for who I am speaking with.

"The voice gives us a way, Divi's voice is deeper and the glowing eyes is a clear giveaway." Qaza pointed out to him.

Quinton smiled. “That is easy enough.” He took a drink. “What are you doing tonight? I thought maybe we could do something together?”.

"What did you have in mind?" Qaza asked, with a big grin on her face.

“I hadn’t thought that far ahead honestly,” Quinton admitted. “I just want to get to know you both better. What do you like to do when you aren’t working?”

"I'll look forward to your surprise then tonight." Qaza said, hoping he did not just want sex. Most of the guys on her home universe were so horny. But rightfully so, you never knew if you would be around tomorrow. However being with the Tau'Ri, she knew she would be around tomorrow. So she was not in a hurry to have sex. The scene fades away.

Isabel walked into the mess hall, she noticed that Quinton and Qaza were talking, and having a good time. But she noticed that Cassidy was sitting alone. "May I join you Colonel?" Isabel asked in her strong irish accent.

“Please,” Cassidy said with a nod. “Have a seat.” She hadn’t there all that long. Cassidy had seen Quinton come in and almost called out to him but he had started talking to Qaza. She wanted him to make his own way and have friends of his own. (<<< WHAT???????)

"Thank you Sir, did not want to sit alone. I appreciate your hospitality." Isabel said, as she put her tray down, and pulled out the chair for herself.

"Call me Cassidy," She replied. "We're in a relaxed situation I really don't mind at all." Cassidy waited until she was seated. "How are things going for you?"

"You can call me Isabel or Izzy if you like." Isabel suggested to Cassidy, as she took a seat next to her.

“How did Lieutenant Jacobsen take the joke pulled on him,” Cassidy asked her. Quinton has a good sense of humor but people reacted differently to things.

"He was a good sport, and managed to get a date out of it..." Isabel started to point out, then she felt like she needed to justify it. "Not with me...." Isabel said, with a big grin. "With Qaza. I think they hit it off." Isabel suggested to Cassidy.

Cassidy looked their way and frowned. She hoped Quinton knew what he was getting himself into. Then gave herself a mental shake. He was a man and had to make his own decisions. “He is a fast worker.”

"Good, we will every good worker we can find. Finding the Destiny, is part of the problem, getting over to her. Is a bigger one." Isabel said, with a worrisome look on her face.

“We all have that concern,” Cassidy nodded. “It isn’t going to be easy.” She was relieved that Isabel thought she was referring to Quinton as a worker and not what she had been referring to.

"Hopefully she powered up, and communications are just down, I would hate to think, they are lost and without power." Isabel said, trying to stay positive. But it was hard, they had no idea, where the Destiny was.

“I go back and forth,” Cassidy said honestly. “The worse case worries me endlessly but I also am forcing myself to be positive which is extremely hard.”

"We all do." Isabel admitted. She felt the same way as Cassidy did.

“Is good we have each other,” Cassidy replied. “Sometimes I just need someone to talk to and not have to be concerned with judgement.”

"Luckily for you, you are the boss. The judgement falls on you. I wonder if what they say is true, you are your own worse enemy. We judge ourselves to harshly, if that saying is to believed." Isabel pointed out Cassidy.

“It is true,” Cassidy nodded. “I am alway harder on myself than anyone. I hate failure or feeling like I am not confident at times so I hide behind a tough exterior.”

"You don't need to be, we got your back." Isabel suggested to Cassidy.

“I am learning that,” Cassidy nodded. “But mostly it was always me and Quinton. I learned to go through life looking tough and acting like everything was fine even when it wasn’t.” She smiled then. “I tend to choose men who are not suited to me so I made a decision to be single and not date.”

Isabel wondered why, where is the fun in that? "That is your choice, but if I may. That is lonely road to travel down." Isabel suggested to her. She hoped someday to find the right guy herself.

“Once burned twice shy,” Cassidy returned. “Who knows I may still have an opportunity one of these days.”

Isabel smiled as the scene faded away. She was in complete agreement with Cassidy.


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