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Give me the details

Posted on Fri Feb 14th, 2020 @ 7:17pm by 1st Lieutenant Qaza Divi Vulnir & Captain Isabel Robinson
Edited on on Fri Feb 14th, 2020 @ 7:19pm

Mission: S5, E2
Location: Processing Data Core Room
Timeline: 07/15/2015 0745 hrs

Isabel walked into the processing core room, and noticed that Qaza was in her area. "Whatcha doing?" Isabel asked, as she walked over to Qaza. She was being a little nosy, and was very territorial about her areas.

"Apollogies Captain. I should I told you, I need to borrow your terminal." Divi responded, instead of Qaza. "The IOA asked me to assist in the translations of some of these consoles to our tablets." Divi responded. She was a little startled by Isabel's sudden arrival.

"No reason to apologize, but I appreciate the sentiment. Glad you could stop by." Isabel said, as she walked over to another terminal, to begin to work on her assignment. She looked over to Qaza and Divi, then back at her station. "So I hope you don't mind, that I set you up on that blind date? I noticed you two having breakfast this morning." Isabel said. She knew those two would hit it off. She had a sense for this. She noticed them smiling, and being a little flirty.

"I think its going well." Divi started to respond. She liked Quinton enough, but not as much as Qaza did.

Qaza retook control over her body for a moment. "Thank you for setting that up, he is the first guy that has not treated me like a disease or a plague. And he is super sweet." Qaza started to say, thinking about their time together. But she was still on edge about him. She was just getting use to life the way it was, now she was adding him into the mix. "I love how he is accepting the blending. Not easy for a lot of folks." Qaza said, but deep down, she had her concerns still.

She did not have a good childhood growing up, she was not sure how much she wanted to trust in another person. She struggled with Divi. Having to be co dependent on the host. But the blending had it's perks for the both of them. But for the first time, she was trying to get use to sharing herself.

Thanks to Divi, she was now open to the idea, of allowing others in. Which scared her. She was so use to being on the run from the Wraith. Now she was finding stability in the Tau'Ri, and she had come so far, but still felt that she had further to go.

"You all make a cute couple." Isabel suggested, with a big grin on her face. She wanted Qaza and Divi to both hear that.

"Thanks, but we need more than physical looks to be a sustaining couple." Qaza said. Being cute, was nice. But she needed more than that.

"Give it time, and you will have it. I have a feeling about him." Isabel suggested, with a big grin on her face. She loved playing cupid for Qaza and Quinton. They did look really cute together.

"I plan on it." Qaza said, with a nervous tone. She wished she shared Isabel enthusiasm for them. She liked him, but she was more cautious about diving into this relationship.

"That's all I can ask, now lets get back to work." Isabel said, as the scene starts to fade away.


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